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Projects for (2015-2016)

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1-Software development:

ISOM ³(isometric photoshop map editor)

-3d texturing software(MGon)(WIP)

Motion capture  Recorder(FBX SDK)(WIP)

2-Game FX:

-Game spells and effects :

Unity & Unreal

 Shaders :

Unity ( Shader Forge Node editor)

2-Character modeling :

Game Ready characters   (WIP):

retopology , sculpting, Photogrammetry detailing (WIP)

procedural sculpting(Fast Auto using Zscript  )

high detailed Blendshapes (WIP)

3-Full Motion capture  :

Facial mocap (using Faceshift or intel SDK)

Body mocap using perception neuron 

4-Programming in Game Engines   :

-Nvidia gameworks: Nvidia HairWorks , Flex,HBAO+…

-Procedural realtime Environment VFX (Unity✔(completed))

4-web development   :




My name is Mohamed Rhaiem. I am a  Technical Artist and a Developer .I was introduced to CG  2 years ago, I started working with visual effects( sprites and 2.5D animation)  , then working my way through every aspects of game design and technical art .
I love creating  believable effects , entertaining environments where players enjoy being there .
Currently I’m a GAD student in vanarts.
I love video games, especially sandboxie , I’m currently making Game Fx using UNITY 5 & unreal, and as a third option i use Popcornfx to add compatibility to C++ based engines.
I enjoy doing Physics Simulations using maya  or blender for CG ,   flow  and heat simulation for more technical work related to thermal management, and hardware cooling.
 my goal is to create that masterpiece that will bring real life physics and the magic of computer graphics  into one package with endless possibilities, the true VFX for every Virtual reality solution .
Before coming to canada
I worked as a computer technician for 5 years while studying computer science and programming at the Higher Institute of Multimedia Arts of Manouba(Tunisia).
I was engaged in almost every aspect of software engineering and cyber security even assembly language and printed circuit boards . But my main focus was  programming with different types of languages(see skills) and my free time is devoted to more programming , artificial intelligence and playing video games.