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Software design

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

The Challenge

Make an isometric map for class assignment using photoshop ( time left 3 days).

The Solution

I end up Coding this cool map editor that works with photoshop API (VB.NET) , in less than 3 days.

Break The Rules

The rule is 10 lines of code per day ,It’s more than 3000 lines ,not including a puzzle game inside the tool .



in a quest to master the photoshop API , I made this tool
in 3 Days ( i did debug it for 2 weeks )
So basically it’s like an isometric map maker that use photoshop
you can draw , postion with arrows and move layers without touching photoshop alot ,

and there’s a convertor that make 2D texture into iso cubes With normal map and hight map For unity shaders .
so the only reason i did this beacuse of the save as in photoshop

i hate how i have to do that for every cube or object , so there’s 3 types of saving PSD to assets , will take the active doc in photoshop and store it in the assets folder
save as , you can make a choice png psd jpeg , Gif .. ect
and Backup save is every one minute update the backupfile

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Credit goes to  for the basic brakeout if photoshop API
Music : bensound.com